Currently a designer at Sunday, a content marketing agency based in London, where I design for print (in the form of magazines), web, email and social platforms. Working with video content (film/animation) as well as photography (involving art direction on shoots), illustration, infographics, gifs & cinemagraphs, etc. Previously worked at Condé Nast (publishing) and Cedar (content marketing).

In today’s digital sharing world, where we are connected more than ever, I find content marketing a very exciting, and extremely relevant industry to explore. It reinforces my belief of the importance of print and tangibility in a digital world, while embracing the digital as an essential platform to reach people, to connect and to share content.

I am passionate about understanding people and their lifestyle, using insights from this to relate and connect people with the appropriate content. This is where my analytical mind and interest in psychology and sociology comes into play, I am fascinated with human behaviour.