Epoch // Degree project // 2015


Choose a person or subject, that has existed for a significant number of years
and produce a body of work that gives the user greater insight into your area of research.
[ISTD Student Awards: Milestones]

Learning about ancient mythology in how they collaborated over different epochs to save
humankind, in hope that their dedication inspires us in our mission to save our planet from
global issues such as climate change. Epochs refer to long periods of time, eras, milestones
in Earth’s history; key chapters in the story of our planet’s progression.

The title, ‘Melting Ice. Freezing Time’, refers to the ancients’ attempt to stop time, pursuing
through epochs such as ice ages, whilst we are currently trying to combat the ice melting and
rising sea levels in our mission to stop climate change. They aimed to stop time back to the
peak of the Golden Age, to stop any future cataclysms, such as a flood or an asteroid hitting
the Earth.

The ancients were reflecting the sky onto land by aligning their structures to the stars,
therefore a horizon line continues throughout the book, also acting as a timeline. 
Rather than page numbers, a circular navigation tool marks the position in time by referring 
to the ‘Great Year’ on the contents page, beginning from future to past. 

A star is used as tittles, navigation and to direct the reader, and ligatures reflect collaboration.
The book would be received with a Sunday paper, as something for the family to discuss.
The time dial hopes to engage younger members, which works with the book, where aligning
to the correct stars reveals the correct date: 10,500BC. When held up to the light, it shines
through the dial and the constellations appear.

Written and designed by myself, content sourced from various books on the subject.