Golden Wonder // Degree project // 2015


Redesign a famous brand. [Design Bridge DB Student Awards]
I felt that Golden Wonder should be brought back, repositioning the brand and giving it a purpose. 

Once the number one crisp brand in Britain and now clinging onto survival, Golden Wonder has
always struggled with brand positioning. Constantly changing their slogan and trying to find out
what they stand for, it is for this reason it has been defeated amongst brands such as Walkers,
who have strong, consistent brand values, not to mention the face of their brand; Gary Lineker. 

I repositioned Golden Wonder as the multi-flavour mystery brand, living up to its name and bringing
about a moment of wonder to a lunch break. Amongst the overwhelming noise of different brands,
colours and flavours; Golden Wonder owns that indecisive moment at the crisp isle. It combines all
the flavours in one, eliminating the element of choice and leaving it up to fate.

The backwards question mark becomes the brand mark, emphasising that wonder and aspect of
chance, while also acting as an assured stamp of that first initial: ‘G’. The star also becomes an
ownable mark, recognisable as an explosive shape that has continued to be carried through the
evolution of the brand.