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My degree helped shape the designer I was to become, graduating with a portfolio to reflect this.

There is a strong theme running throughout my projects, and that is: human. They all concern a social problem or aspect, and after reflecting on this, I realised how passionate I was about people - understanding, relating, and connecting.

Airbnb is a human brand, all about embracing belonging and humanity. Touch Base was a self-initiated project about keeping families connected, which was based on my own personal experience of my brother moving to Australia and our efforts as a family to keep in contact. My Epoch editorial project involved learning about ancient collaboration and dedication in saving humankind, in hope to inspire us to save our planet together from climate change. Get Glamping embraces the recent social trend of 'glamping', and even re-branding Golden Wonder was a decision based on the tradition and nostalgia of the brand and people not wanting to let go of it, with my own personal nostalgia of remembering my dad bringing me a packet to the kids playground in the pub garden. HDN LDN (Hidden London) also involved a social campaign, using the idea of a large scale treasure hunt to get people off their phones, starting with an unexpected, intriguing text.

This was all tied together by my dissertation on 'The Conformity/ Individualism Paradox in Branding and Advertising', in which I was awarded a First. My degree realised my skills in copywriting and typography.

Since my degree I have taken a particular interest in content marketing and publishing, and is a career path I am currently pursuing. Where I use my passion and belief in the importance of humanity to relate and connect people with the appropriate visual and written content, using insights from their behaviour and lifestyle.

In today's digital sharing world, where we are connected more than ever, I find content marketing a very exciting, and extremely relevant, industry to explore. It reinforces my belief of the importance of print and tangibility in a digital world, while embracing the digital as an essential platform to reach people, to connect and share content.