Touch Base // Degree project // 2015


Keeping families connected.
A personal response to my experience of a family member moving abroad and our attempt as a family
to keep in contact.

Using perspective lines in art and photography, in changing perspective of family and online communication.
Where family members, from all different places, come together and meet at a point. It is a visual family tree
or network, offering a simple interface to ‘touch base’ with family members. Providing a secure digital
environment for families to seek connections.

The outcome is an interactive, touch screen device. 
A product to attach on a communal wall in the home, such as the lounge or kitchen, and can be transferable
to an app for communication on the go. It is a versatile service, adaptable to suit any type of family and can
be personalised to emphasise your family identity, helping to bring you closer.

The visual makes it easy to see who you need to connect with more. As the longer the line, the more distant
you’ve become with that family member. The shorter the line, the closer you are. It is also easy to see who is
available, as their line will be lit up, and if they are not available they will be faded out. Touch Base visually
and emotionally brings the family together.